You Can Now Take A Virtual Tour Of The Ghibli Museum

Studio Ghibli’s iconic Japanese museum is currently closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But that hasn’t stopped the museum from displaying some of its awesome props and replicas to the world, with fans able to get a virtual look inside the museum and its many magical rooms through the Ghibli YouTube channel.

Here’s one of the clips, featuring an exhibit called ‘Where a Film is Born’, which is described as belonging to a boy wishing to make his own film.

The Ghibli Museum was first established in 2001 and has remained a tourism hotspot since then. Tickets are usually in high demand and there’s a certain level of exclusivity to the venue.

A glimpse inside is a rare treat, and with several short videos being uploaded to the new Ghibli Museum YouTube channel over the last few weeks, fans around the world are finally getting a look at the treasures inside. While the videos are quite short and showcase only a small portion of the museum’s exhibits, it’s a fascinating look into a location that many of us may never have the chance to visit.

To explore more of the Ghibli Museum, check out its new YouTube channel or head to the establishment’s website.