Studio Ghibli Reveals New Line Of Dresses Based On Kiki’s Delivery Service

Studio Ghibli has just announced they’ll be selling two official one-piece dresses designed to look like the ones worn by titular heroine Kiki in Kiki’s Delivery Service. The dresses come in two variations: the dark blue “Witch’s Essentials” and the beige “Bread Wreath“, referencing the different patches on the chest as seen below:

The dark blue dress looks just like the one Kiki wears to work, with the same billowy shape and three-quarter length sleeves. This is the outfit Kiki wears while riding her magical broomstick as well, although you’ll have to get the broomstick yourself (and find a way to make it fly).

When Kiki’s not wearing her navy dress in the film, she can be seen wearing a lighter-coloured long smock under a peach-coloured apron while out in the world of nature. The beige-tone “Bread Wreath” dress is said to mimic this outfit from the film.

The dresses have been designed for comfort with natural fabric made from cotton and linen and a relaxed fit. They’re also designed to be worn in two ways: either buttoned up or unbuttoned, as a long, lightweight coat in the style of a traditional haori. The dresses will be available in-store and online at the Donguri Kyowakoku retail chain for 7,480 yen (US$70.51) each.