Studio Ghibli Releases New Spirited Away Spirit Figurine Collection

Spirited Away has a quirky cast of, well, spirits throughout the film, some of which are more iconic than others like No Face. That being said, all of them stand out in their own way, and this new figurine collection was designed with all of them in mind.

Called the “Pose ga Ippai Collection DX Kamisama Ippai”, which translates to “Plentiful Pose Collection Digital Transformation: Plentiful Gods“, the collection shines a light on the myriad spirits that appear in Spirited Away. Take a look!

The carefully crafted palm-sized figures retail for 920 yen (US$8.76) each at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online, where they’ll be available to purchase from mid-September. The range will be sold in “blind” boxes that don’t reveal the character inside so you won’t know exactly which spirit you’ve acquired until you open the box. The good ol’ gacha treatment we have come to love.

Source: Via