Studio Ghibli Releases Another 300 Stills From Their Movies For Fans To Download

Last month, Studio Ghibli wowed its fans around the world with a present they weren’t expecting: a collection of 400 images from eight feature films free to download online.

It was a surprise gesture of kindness from a studio renowned for being fiercely protective of their movies, and now they’ve added even more images to the collection, expanding it to include six more titles, with 50 images from each film.

There are 50 images available for each of the following movies:

▼ Howl’s Moving Castle

▼ The Cat Returns

Ghiblies Season 2

▼ My Neighbours the Yamadas

▼ Princess Mononoke

▼ Whisper of the Heart

The images, which can be downloaded from the official Studio Ghibli website, are a beautiful reminder of the stunning hand-drawn animated scenes produced by the studio. While they’re beautiful to browse through on their own, the images can also be used as screensavers, inspiration for artists and aspiring animators, or for printing out in glossy colour to decorate the walls of your home.

What will you be doing with these images? Let us know in the comments!

Source, images: Studio Ghibli