Laid-Back Camp’s Nata Hatchet Gets Faithful Recreation

Laid-Back Camp’s Rin wields a nata, a Japanese-style hatchet which is used for woodcraft and hunting and is shaped like broad-bladed knife. The nata is getting a faithful recreation courtesy of Mura no Kajiya (Village Blacksmith), an outdoor equipment maker which previously produced camping gear for Laid-Back Camp last year.

Rin’s nata will have her face carved into both the blade and the accompanying leather case. The case will show her wearing her knitted cap, and the blade will show her with her hair visible. The product will be crafted using wood from bamboo-leaf oak by local smiths from Sanjō city in the Niigata prefecture.

The site posted images of the blade, including a diagram showing the dimensions. The nata will be 370mm in length with a 165mm-long blade and a 180mm-long handle. The blade’s thickness will be approximately 7mm.

The nata will cost 17,050 yen (US$157). Online orders will open on November 26.

Source: Mura no Kajiya‘s website via Yara-on!