Kyoto Aquarium’s Shipping Chart Unveils Rather… Disturbing Love Lives

Ah shipping, the one thing fans of any anime or manga always debate and get all up in arms over. Love triangles, squares, pentagons – you name it. We’ll find all sorts of reasons why A loves B, but possibly C as well, but is being admired by D…

Now, the drama of relationships have taken a rather… interesting turn in the real world: Kyoto Aquarium has posted a “penguin relationship chart” for its 59 penguins, revealing their turbulent love lives. Love triangles, incest… suddenly all the drama in the anime world doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Check out the aquarium’s tweet below to take a look.

BL (boys’ love)? What the hell? And between father and son of all things…

And um… getting a new wife after a heartbreak is one thing, but being admired by your own daughter is another. No no no no….

Thankfully (or more like hopefully), all of this is just part of hyping up the penguins for some kind of “LOVE Favorite Penguin Super Election” being held by Kyoto Aquarium. What for, you may ask?

Well, it’s to vote for the most popular idol unit of penguins to take the center position for performances. No, I’m not kidding about that either. More info can be seen in the aquarium’s official website here.


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