Kagerou Daze Illustrator Sidu Launches New Project spinoid

Kagerou Daze illustrator and multimedia creator Sidu announced on her Tumblr blog on March 29 that she is launching her own new project called “spinoid.” Sidu is credited as the original creator. She released a teaser visual and stated that the official website will be updated with further details in mid-April.

Sidu began her illustrator and video-making career at the age of 17. She drew the character designs of Kagerou Daze and illustrated the music videos. She also served as director on the MX4D Kagerou Daze -in a day’s- short film.

JIN’s Kagerou Project began as a Vocaloid song series that JIN wrote and composed in 2011. JIN launched the Kagerou Daze novel series in May 2012, with illustrations by Sidu. The series inspired a 12-episode television anime adaptation titled Mekaku City Actors in 2014.