Japanese Cat Cafe Twitch Livestream Lets You Hang Out With Cats 24/7

Cat cafes are a way for people to get their cute animal fix in Japan, and chances are if you’ve gone to Japan before you would have chanced upon one.

However, with the coronavirus discouraging people from going outside, cat cafes have had to join many other businesses in evolving too. And one cafe, Nyandan-tei in Tokyo, has taken the ingenious step of livestreaming a section of their shop to Twitch.

The stream’s name is nukumaro2020, and its goal is to help the abandoned cats who live at the cafe find new homes, get donations to provide supplies for the cats, and give viewers a soothing cat cafe experience.

Of course, just like any other stream on Twitch, viewers can chat with each other, and subscribers not only get access to some cute emotes, but also know that they’re helping some cute cats get food and medicine.

There’s even a neat little roster so you can get to know the furry critters on your screen:

With soothing background music, the stream is perfect for studying or just relaxing. If you’re in the mood for some cats, be sure to check them out here on Twitch.