Ghibli Museum Officially Reopens in September, Ticket Sales Start on August 25

The official website for the Ghibli Museum will finally allow general purchase of tickets to the museum beginning on August 25, with a planned September general reopening. The musuem gradually began to reopen in mid-July, with the aim of reopening in September. At that time, the museum only opened ticket purchases to residents of the museum’s local Mitaka City in lottery drawings. The museum will continue with this method until the end of August.

Even though the museum will open its doors once again, it is limiting the number of visitors at any one time, as well as its visiting and operating hours to minimize the risk of spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). They’ve also highlighted new measures taken up to create a safe environment for visitors and staff.

The museum closed on February 25 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, in collaboration with Mitaka City. Even after reopening this year, the museum plans to close again in November and December for facility maintenance that it normally cannot perform during the year. The museum aims for a full-fledged resumption of operations in the coming year.

Sources: Ghibli Museum’s websiteEiga Natalie