The Internet’s Creative Soul Burns Bright… In Weird Ways

Fighting games have been a staple not only in Japan, but across the world for ages now. And with the advent of PC gaming, gone are the days where one would have to crash a friend’s home or hang out at the arcade to play them. Bandai Namco’s renowned weapons-based fighter, Soul Calibur VI, just released this week, and within days its already a garnered thousands of players across all platforms worldwide.

However, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest video game trends over the weekend, you would have noticed that the latest entry in the Soul series was getting lots of attention… in very unexpectedly creative ways.

Yup. It’s none other than the signature cartoon characters from Disney making an appearance. Besides being a really impressive fighting game, Soul Calibur VI has been a rather unique way for fans from Japan and all over to insert fighters of their own, whether from other games and anime… or just straight up bizarre creations. Take a look.

Magikarp & Spiderman

As if Marvel vs. Capcom wasn’t enough. We’ve got Magikarp in the ring now, too.

Smash gets an early release…?

Looks like the wait for the upcoming Smash game just got too unbearable for some.


Looks like the Blue Bomber and co. join the fray too!

Game Producers…?

No words… I wonder how the men themselves feel about this fight. Especially Sakai-san.

Persona 5 Characters

Kawakami and Haru. I seriously never saw this coming. Yes, pun intended.

Fate Series

Personally biased towards these as a Fate series fan.

And this is only the beginning of what’s to come. With supposedly hundreds of more customization pieces and options to be released as DLC post-launch, players are definitely going to have more ways to let their creative juices run wild.

Or maybe we’ll just see more abominations. So much for Infinity War being the most ambitious crossover of all time.



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