Studio Ghibli Unveils Real-Life Zeniba’s Contract Seal

Studio Ghibli has revealed yet another licensed piece of merchandise, and it’s none other than Zeniba’s seal from Spirited Away!

The replica seal is made of carnelian, a naturally occurring semi-precious gemstone, and is 8.7 centimeters long. While the bottom of the seal has the same etching as it does in the movie,  you can choose to have a custom engraving when placing your order if you so wish. The seal comes in a wooden box that has the Japanese title of Spirted Away engraved on it.

You can check out pictures of the product below:

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If you’re interested in this amazing piece of Spirited Away merchandise, you can head on over to place your pre-order through the Donguri Kyowakoku online shop here. The seal is priced at 25,300 yen (US$230) with shipping scheduled for late December.