Studio Ghibli Finally Creates Official Twitter Account

Studio Ghibli has recently been embracing technology, to say the least. From releasing hundreds of official stills for fans to download on their website to creating their very first all-CG feature Aya and the Witch, it seems like the famously old-fashioned studio is on to something.

Their next step? Creating their official Twitter account. Welcome, @JP_GHIBLI!

Ghibli has had an indirect presence on the social media platform before, with the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo having its own Twitter account as well as the Studio Ghibli Publishing Division. However, the new account directly represents the studio itself, and its self-introduction states:

“This is the official Studio Ghibli Twitter account. We will be informing you about Studio Ghibli’s [animated] works and tidbits about the studio here in Higashi Koganei, Tokyo.”

As of this writing, the account is yet to send out its first tweet, but the less-than-a-week-old account already has thousands of followers. It looks like going on the platform was anything but a bad idea.

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