Snowfall In Tokyo Turns Ghibli Museum Into Winter Wonderland

With temperatures in Tokyo dipping below zero (32 degrees Fahrenheit) on 6 January, the capital of Japan got to experience a period of snowfall – including the western city of Mitaka where Ghibli Museum is located!

The official Ghibli Museum account on Twitter shared some beautiful pictures and videos of the museum enveloped in snow. You can check out them out in the Twitter thread below:

Needless to say many Ghibli fans were amazed by the beautiful sight, as seen in their replies:

“How magical! I’d love to visit the Ghibli Museum on a snowy day!”
“The snow makes it look like the Laputian robot is lost in the world of Nausicaä.”
“There’s something forlorn about this that touches my heart.”
“It feels like the robot soldier’s about to come to life.”
“This makes me want to visit the museum again this year!”

It’s rather bittersweet seeing these images; while telling of the museum’s beauty, it also reminds us that the pandemic has made visiting the museum much more difficult.

In the meantime, you can continue to contribute to the Ghibli Museum’s maintenance through it’s official donation drive. Hopefully all of us will be able to return once the country re-opens its borders to tourists!

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Source: Via