Rilakkuma and Kaoru Animator Makes Amazing Stop-Motion Animations with Anime Figurines

Stop-motion animator Kenta Shinohara, who recently worked on the animated series Rilakkuma and Kaoru, has been posting some of his own stop-motion animations on Twitter lately. A number of them revolve around figurines of anime and video game characters performing amusing actions.

On March 25, Shinohara posted this animation of Ryu from Street Fighter KO-ing a tin can with a single combo. This tweet went viral, accumulating over 16,000 retweets. I mean, just look at how fluid it is!

On Wednesday, he posted a video of Megumin from KONOSUBA casting one of her signature explosions, and then promptly falling flat on her face afterward.

On Thursday, he posted a video of a LLENN Nendoroid from Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online attempting to shoot down a can… but to no avail. Oh well, she succeeded in being cute at least.

Also be sure to check out Shinohara’s page, where he posts detailed breakdowns of how he’s able to create stop-motion animation with his figures. Why not try creating some of your own animations too?