My Neighbor Totoro Lego Set is Up for Votes on Lego Ideas

Just yesterday, we wrote an article aboutSpirited Away Lego set up for voting on Lego Ideas, a website dedicated to fanmade Lego set concepts, with the more popular ones going under review to eventually become actual sets for sale. And upon further diving into the rabbit hole of submissions, we discovered yet another Studio Ghibli-inspired set: My LEGO Totoro!

Lego Ideas user legotruman has submitted a My Neighbor Totoro Lego Ideas set for votes, which you can check out here. As of January 29, 2020, it had over a massive 2000 supporters and 535 days of voting left. If it reaches 10,000 votes, it will be reviewed by Lego’s own company experts and could end up becoming an actual set for you to bring home and assemble.

The Totoro Lego set consists of two minifigs: Satsuki and Mei, along with an umbrella and bus station sign to recreate the iconic “raining bus station” scene, a tiny blue Totoro and a large grey Totoro that’s twice the size of Satsuki. But most importantly, it has a posable Cat Bus model too!

Here’s a full gallery looking at the Totoro Lego Ideas set.

Simply amazing. Kudos to legotruman!

Again, if you want this Studio Ghibli Lego set to become a reality, simply head over to the Lego Ideas page here and click the ‘support’ button. And in the meantime, also vote for the Spirited Away set here, because we can never have enough Ghibli in our life, right?