Lapras Calls Miyagi Prefecture Home as Prefecture’s Support Pokémon

The gentle Pokémon helped revitalize Miyagi Prefecture in Tōhoku after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami disaster. The water Pokémon was the star of Pokėmon Go’s very first in-game event and drew collectors to Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima.

The Miyagi government made the collaboration a long-standing tourism draw when it chose Lapras to be Sendai city’s official support Pokémon. The prefecture is marking the occasion with Lapras rowboats at facilities at Michinoku Lakeside National Government Park and Hanayama Seishōnen Ryokōmura campground.

Other facilities will have inflatable Lapras pool floaties for visitors to ride on.

Miyagi prefecture will introduce more Lapras-themed activities and sights in October.

Other prefectures have selected support Pokémon to bolster tourism. Iwate prefecture chose Geodude in May, Tottori prefecture picked Sandshrew, and Kagawa Prefecture selected Slowpoke.

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