Ingenious Japanese Twitter User Builds a Machine Gun Out of… Lego Bricks?

Lego bricks have been around for years now, and are loved by countless people of all ages all across the globe for the many different things you can do with them: from themed-sets based on famous franchises, replicas of famous landmarks to original contraptions. Just last month, however, a certain Japanese Twitter user made a pretty amazing original creation out of the renowned bricks: a machine gun.

“Finally! I finished it! I completed a fully working automatic machine gun made with Lego bricks! I’m really pleased with myself, so please watch the video of it in action!”

In the video above,  @zuzuruniyaniya prepares the gun by draping a sheet of specially prepared Lego “bullets” into place, and then fires through the entire clip while letting out a pretty satisfying sound in the process. Pew pew.

Later on, he even makes another little video on just how the entire contraption works!

“Here’s how the mechanism works on that thing I posted before.
I know from spending time in the past watching other creators’ Lego videos that there are parts of building a Lego gun that are really tough to understand, and also tough to explain. I’d like it if as many people as possible could understand this process, so don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!”

And to wrap this up, here’s a bird’s eye view of the entire gun.

The amount of detail and ingenuity put into this masterpiece is just mind-boggling; if anything, it’s a pretty good testament for the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking Japanese are known for!

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