Ghibli Theme Park to Open Even More Areas From 2022

Aichi Prefecture revealed its establishment plans for Ghibli Park on Friday, and Aichi Prefecture governor Hideaki Ōmura appeared at a press conference to unveil the plans. The plans reveal that the Seishun no Oka Area (Hill of Youth), Ghibli no Ōsōko Area (Giant Ghibli Storehouse), and Dondoko Mori Area (Dondoko Forest) are slated to open in fall 2022, followed by the Mononoke no Sato Area (Mononoke Village) and Majo no Tani Area (Witch Valley) about one year later. The plans also revealed additional images of the planned areas.

Seishun no Oka Area (Hill of Youth), which will have the existing elevator building remodeled in a 19th century science fantasy style. The area will also recreate the antique shop from Whisper of the Heart.

Ghibli no Ōsōko Area (Giant Ghibli Storehouse), which will have architecture that combines Japanese and Western style for a storehouse and nostalgic feel. The area will include permanent and project display rooms, video rooms, play areas, shops, cafés, and other facilities.

Dondoko Mori Area (Dondoko Forest), which will center on the existing replica of the house from My Neighbor Totoro. The area will be inspired by the Shōwa-era countryside.

Mononoke no Sato Area (Mononoke Village), which will be inspired by Emishi Village and Irontown/Tataraba in Princess Mononoke. In addition to a recreation of Irontown and its forge, the area will include resting space.

Majo no Tani Area (Witch Valley), which will be inspired the by Northern European feel of Kiki’s Delivery Serviceand Howl’s Moving Castle. The area will feature the Okino residence and garden from Kiki’s Delivery Service, the castle and wasteland from Howl’s Moving Castle, and a rest and restaurant area.

Work on the designs will begin in 2019, and construction will begin in 2020 and continue for about two or three years.

Aichi Prefecture agreed in May 2017 to establish the park, and confirmation documents were finalized this past March. The project’s planners then revealed the basic design plans in April. The park was initially planned to open in 2020.

Aichi Prefecture and Studio Ghibli are collaborating to open the park in a 200-hectare area in Aichi’s Expo Park, also known as Moricoro Park, the site of the 2005 World’s Fair. The park already has “Satsuki and Mei’s House,” a replica of main characters’ house from the My Neighbor Totoro anime film. The house was the site of a Studio Ghibli exhibition in both 2008 and 2015.

The prefecture is aiming to make the park an attraction for both foreign and domestic tourists. Both Studio Ghibliand the prefecture are funding the operating company that will be in charge of the park.

While the park is being developed, the construction will not cause damage to the park through felling trees or other methods.

The studio also maintains The Ghibli Museum, located in Mitaka in west Tokyo. The Ghibli Museum has interactive exhibits and replicas of iconic Ghibli creations, and offers a rotating screening of different Ghibli-animated shorts.

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