Ghibli Images Become Memes On Japanese Twitter For Unintentionally Depicting The Lives Of Housewives

Just some time ago, Studio Ghibli released hundreds of high quality stills from their movies for fans to download from free. But with images on the Internet means quality meme material and Internet trends, and these images haven’t been spared.

Among Japanese Twitter users, a new hashtag, #ジブリで学ぶ主婦業 (“Ghibli de manabu shufugyou”/ “Learn about housewife work through Ghibli”), has emerged alongside these images. It’s one of those memes that won’t click until you see the various Tweets themselves, some of which have thousands of retweets. Take a look!

▼ “I told you to clean up your Lego!! How many times do I have to tell you it hurts when I step on it!”

▼ “Don’t go to sleep yet!!!!! You won’t be able to sleep at night!!!!”

▼ “When the kids finally get to sleep but they won’t get off you so you can’t do anything and have to just stay there.”

▼ “Me, the moment I present the food that took five hours to make to all my relatives.”

▼ “The ideal image of a mother (left). Reality (right).”

▼ “Mother coming out of the kitchen with silent force when siblings won’t stop arguing.”

▼ “Mould…in the bath…already…”

▼ “How many times do I have to say it to get you to understand: take the tissues out of your pocket before putting it in the wash!”

Is there any meme that you could painfully relate with? Which one made you laugh? Let us know in the comments!