Fan Artists Draw Tribute Art of Hiro Suzuhira’s Gothic Anime Angel

If you were an anime fan in the noughties, you may remember a particular anime girl who showed up as one of the first results in Google Image Search for “goth anime girl.” The character was drawn by Shuffle! and Yosuga no Sora character designer Hiro Suzuhira, and it’s enjoyed a resurgence on Twitter in recent years.

In 2018, Suzuhira remarked how she received so many English responses about the character, indicating that she was aware that the artwork gained quite a reputation. In December 2019, Twitter user @pupthefan asked Suzuhira directly if she and other artists could try redrawing the character, and Suzuhira gave the okay.

The redraws and the associated hashtag #gothicanimeangel2020 began trending on Twitter on New Year’s Eve, making this wholesome interaction between the artist and her fans a defining Twitter moment to kick off 2020.

Suzuhira ended up contributing to the hashtag herself, drawing the Gothic Anime Angel in her modern style.

And even Crunchyroll got into it, posting a rendition of the site’s mascot Crunchyroll-hime dressed in the style of the Gothic Anime Angel.

The exact origins of the Gothic Anime Angel are unclear, although she has been around the web since at least 2004. Do you still remember her?

[Via @NekoNyanTJ]