Amazing Pumpkin Carvings to Spirit You Away Into the Halloween Spirit

Ah, pumpkins. The quintessential decoration that signifies the arrival of Halloween. Many people use pumpkin carving as a way to show their appreciation and love for their favorite characters or icons, and the fans of Studio Ghibli films are no exception. Take a look!

u/ClimbingCactus (I’m not sure if it’s just me, but this would be pretty unnerving to spot in the dead of the night. Yikes.)
u/Girth-Certificate. This carving of Turnip Head is the cream of the crop; it even comes with his hat!

Speaking of Turnip Head, fun fact: pumpkin carving was actually inspired by the Irish tradition of carving turnips! Talk about a coincidence. Hopefully these fine pictures of pumpkin carvings got your creative juices flowing and into the Halloween spirit. Trick or treat!

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