Women Pick Their Most Anticipated Summer 2019 Anime Films

The Japanese website Goo! Ranking asked over 3,000 women to choose which anime films they most want to see this summer. The box office this summer is already off to a “hot” start with the premiere of Trigger’s Promare and set to continue with a new film from Makoto Shinkai and a reskin of Pokemon: The First Movie. How do women in Japan’s choices compare to your own?

Goo! Ranking: Women’s Most Anticipated Summer Anime Films

  1. One Piece Stampede (opens August 9)
  2. Children of the Sea (opened June 7)
  3. Ride Your Wave (opens June 21)
  4. Weathering With You (opens July 19)
  5. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution (opens July 12)
  6. Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl (opened June 15)
  7. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Kurenai Densetsu (opens August 30)
  8. Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Kingdom (opened June 14)
  9. Ni no Kuni (opens August 23)
  10. DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY (opens August 2)

The One Piece franchise has a dedicated female fanbase in Japan. The poll’s participants told Goo! Ranking that they’re looking forward to the film because they “love One Piece,” have “seen every film so far,” and always see the movies in theaters.

Surprisingly, Shinkai’s latest Weathering With You comes in midway in the list, below Children of the Sea and Masaaki Yuasa’s Ride Your Wave. Participants noted that they hadn’t seen much animation of the film yet but are hoping it surpasses Shinkai’s blockbuster your name. Women cited actor Ryota Katayose as one reason they’re excited for Yuasa’s latest, not to mention appreciation for the director himself.

Just below Weathering With You is the 3DCG Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. Many of the respondents noted they want to take their children to see the latest Pokémon feature. Which movies will you catch this summer?