Toei Animation Streams ‘Dream’ Anime Short

Toei Animation began streaming a six-minute anime short titled “Dream” on Friday.

Kokoro Kondō directed the short. Apollo Añonuevo designed the characters and was the animation director. Yukie Yuki designed the background art, Clique composed the music, Aya Mori was the color designer, Shingo Nakanishi was the CG director and Shinichi Igarashi was the director of photography.

The short follows the dream of a young boy in which a happy cat named Pero (modeled after the character in the The Wonderful World of Puss ‘n Boots anime that serves as Toei Animation‘s mascot) and a strange whale appear.

The short is streaming on Toei Animation‘s official YouTube channel for its Toei Animation Museum, which opened in July 2018.

Toei Animation revealed in July that it had launched a series of new projects featuring talents of the younger staff at the company. The first work was an anime short titled “Jurassic!” inspired by the Real-Size Koseibutsu Zukan (Real-Size Extinct Creatures Picture Book) book by Ken Tsuchiya. Toei Animation streamed that short in August.

Toei Animation did not state if this new short was also part of that project featuring younger staff.

Source: Toei Animation‘s Twitter accountToei Animation Museum’s YouTube channel