Sailor Moon Takes Over The Internet With #SailorMoonRedraw Trend

Sailor Moon is one of those anime characters that just about anyone can instantly bring up a mental image of, with her iconic flowing twintails and school uniform-inspired combat outfit. However, there’s actually been a lot of variation in how Sailor Moon has been depicted since her debut.

Starting with original creator Naoko Takeuchi’s intricate manga artwork, the character design went through a thorough reworking to make it feasible for artists to animate for the 1990s TV anime adaptation, and the modern Sailor Moon Crystal reboot is now on its third set of character designs.

But how does she look when other artists redraw her?

Under the hashtag #sailormoonredraw, artists, both pro and amateur, have once again been uploading their takes of the iconic magical girl, and let’s just say the results are amazing. Take a look and see if you recognize any of the artists and their art styles!

So while there’s never a bad time to share your love of Sailor Moon with the world, the #sailormoonredraw hashtag is making right now is an even better time than most. Why not share your own takes too?