Pokémon Center Self-Analysis Quiz Tells You Which Pokémon and Employee Role You’re Suited For

The Japanese Pokémon Center website has a “Self-Analysis” quiz that will not only diagnose your personality but also tell you which of the hundreds of creatures you’d be. The Pokémon Center is the franchise’s official merchandise store, and the company is currently hiring new recruits. The quiz first launched on Monday.

There are 28 possible results. To get your result, you have to answer 16 questions, which are translated below:

  1. You like looking at data and numbers.
  2. You prepare for things thoroughly beforehand.
  3. You get annoyed from looking at crude people.
  4. You like thinking about things deeply.
  5. You act before you think.
  6. You like to get to the point first when you speak.
  7. People often call you cold.
  8. You hate doing useless things.
  9. You generally take a passive stance.
  10. You would do anything for the sake of others.
  11. People often call you kind.
  12. You always read the mood in the air before you act.
  13. You speak proactively even at your first meeting with someone.
  14. Before you know it, you become the center of the conversation.
  15. People often call you cheerful.
  16. What you’re thinking often shows on your face.

In addition, there will be a large-scale ad for the quiz and job hiring project at the Dogenzaka Happy Board inside the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line line at Shibuya station from July 29 to August 4. So if you’re a fan of the series and looking to make a living out of your passion, or just wondering if you have the work ethic of a Pikachu, here’s the chance!

Source: Game Watch via Nijimen