Mystery Man Identifying as Kimetsu no Yaiba Character Inosuke Donates 100 Masks to Nursing School

Nippon TV reported on Tuesday that a mystery man identifying himself as “Inosuke Hashibira” donated 100 masks to a nursing school in Iwate Prefecture. The man claimed to have purchased the masks personally. He also gifted alcohol disinfectant to the establishment after hearing about shortages of the item from the school’s staff.

When asked about his identity, the man handed a short letter translated as follows: “I am grateful to all doctors every day. Thank you very much. -Inosuke Hashibara.”

The name is a reference to the character from the popular anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Although Inosuke wear’s a boar’s head and has a brusque and hot-blooded personality, his motto is helping others regardless of who they are.

The school’s vice-principal Nobuko Itō that she was surprised but also very grateful.

“I heard it’s a character who makes a point of helping the weak. I’m grateful that he came to us with those feelings in mind,” she told the news station.

Source: Nippon TV News 24