Mamoru Hosoda’s Belle Film Holds Global Casting Call for Singing Extras

Here’s your chance to be a part of Mamoru Hosoda’s next anime film!

The official website for Mamoru Hosoda and his Studio Chizu’s new Belle anime film announced on Friday that the film’s staff are holding a global open casting call for singing extras for a particular scene in the film. The extras will take part in a pivotal scene in the film where people all over the world sing along with protagonist Belle.

This is the first opening casting call for singing extras in a work by Hosoda, so you’ll definitely be a part of anime history if you take part! If your interest has been piqued, you can head on over to this page on the film’s official website to submit your voice. Recording samples for the melody in both high and low-pitches are also available there.

Belle will open in cinemas in Japan this July. The film revolves around Suzu, a 17-year-old high school student who lost her mother at an early age due to an accident, and is now living in an unpopulated rural town with her father. Suzu learns about “U”, a virtual world. She joins “U” as an avatar named ‘Belle’, whose singing attracts worldwide attention. Belle meets a mysterious creature who is shaped like a dragon.

According to Studio Chizu, the film would portray an “ever-evolving online world” that takes place in an online world called “U,” which has 5 billion registered users. Studio Chizu mentioned Hosoda’s past films where virtual words play a key role, such as Digimon Adventure: Children’s War Game and Summer Wars, as similar titles of exploring modern society, but based on the director’s “recent insights.” The studio specifically mentioned themes of “coming of age, family ties, love between parents and children, friendship that transcends species, the links between our lives.”

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