Hello Kitty, Gundam’s Amuro Ray Join Forces in Final Hello Kitty VS Gundam Ad

40 years of Gundam has led to this precise moment where Amuro Ray meets his most formidable foe yet. She has five more years of experience under her belt but you could say she’s relatively to the mecha scene, not including a previous stint in 2014. She’s none other than the face of Sanrio, Hello Kitty herself.

The battle has culminated into a series of animated shorts. In the first video, Hello Kitty is contacted by Haro via her television set to help Amuro in space. Hello Kitty vows to help him, stating that everyone should be friends. Kitty must be a space pacifist.

In the second episode, Kitty introduces herself to Amuro as Kitty White, which he mistakes as an association with the Earth Federation’s White Base. Kitty and Amuro keep trying to communicate but fail (for instance, Amuro also hears “Hello” as “Haro”). When Kitty tries to reason with him about how everyone should be friends, but the pair are attacked by Zaku mobile suits.

In the third episode “Love – Warrior”, Kitty uses a heart-shaped shield to deflect the attacks but it also transforms the Zaku into a cute, SD version. Amuro is scared of Kitty’s impressively cute power and flees. Kitty gives chase and manages to transform all of the attacking forces into non-threatening versions in the meantime. Eventually, their hearts are able to connect and Amuro grows to understand Kitty.

Both franchises are squaring off on a special website. The site is home to collaboration goods, including a Hello Kitty Haro, customizable plastic models, and gashapon key chains. The site previously hosted a 12 competitions to see whether Hello Kitty or Gundam could sell the most merchandise with Gundam pulling ahead and winning eight.

The Gundam vs Hello Kitty project is holding a spring fan event in Tokyo’s Sanrio Puroland on March 22, 2020. Ray Amuro’s voice actor Toru Furuya is scheduled to attend, along with a Gundam, Hello Kitty, and others. The event will contain talk shows regarding the state of battle between Gundam and Hello Kitty. The Gundam side won the most pledges to install a Gundam-themed popcorn vending machine that will debut at the event.

Source: Comic Natalie