Hayao Miyazaki And His Son Are Reportedly Working On Two New Studio Ghibli Movies

This not a drill: The man himself, Hayao Miyazaki, is back to work on a new movie for his workplace Studio Ghibli this time with an interesting new addition to the team. It has been reported that Miyazaki is currently working on a new film, and his son, Gorō Miyazaki, has another film of his own. And that makes TWO new Ghibli movies.

Despite the strained relationship the two have been described to have, Gorō Miyazaki began working with his father’s company in the early 2000s, designing the storyboard and later moving to direct the 2006 animated film Tales of Earthsea, based on the book series of Ursula K. Le Guin. Later, the younger Miyazaki went on to direct another Studio Ghibli film in 2011, From up on Poppy Hill, but this time working more closely with his father who was the screenwriter. Now, it looks like they will be working on their own respective Studio Ghibli films, according to Vincent Maraval.

The founder of the production company Wild Bunch, Maraval has often collaborated with the elder Miyazaki and apparently has the inside scoop. He tweeted out that two new productions from Studio Ghibli were in progress, one each from the father and son.

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