Apple Japan Releases Reel of Anime Featuring Mac Computers

Apple Japan released a video on YouTube on Friday showing a reel of over a dozen anime titles featuring Mac computers or laptops… or a parody brand instead. Notably, MiraiBirthday Wonderland, and Weathering With You feature the actual Apple logo while the rest use a parody logo. Can you recognize all the anime shown here?

The anime titles featured are as followed: MiraiLu over the wallMy Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU TOO!Encouragement of ClimbWeathering With YouBirthday WonderlandSSSS.GridmanNew Game!Mr. Osomatsuyour name.Sgt. FrogTerror in Resonance, and The Perfect Insider.

The video’s BGM is “Item Shujinkō” (Item Protagonist) by Kaho Nakamura.

Source: Apple Japan’s Official YouTube channel