Age Gap Relationships, Former Gay Lovers Turn Rivals in Kyoto Aquarium’s Updated Penguin Relationship Chart

Last year, Kyoto Aquarium made headlines with its penguin relationship chart detailing the turbulent love lives for the aquarium’s 59 penguins. On Saturday, the aquarium posted an updated chart, revealing just how much the relationships have changed in the one year interim.

One of the major highlights is that Kuruma and Nijou, who used to be in a gay relationship last year, are now rivals in love over a female penguin named Hana. Hana’s friendly with both of them, but her real love is with a male penguin named Naka. Poor Kuruma and Nijou… although they were father and son, so their relationship was rather dicey to begin with.

There’s also a couple, Kamanza and Saya, who have a 17 year age gap between them. Penguins live for 20 years on average, so in human years it’s more like 68 year age gap.

The Sumida Aquarium also has a penguin relationship chart with its own drama, like the male penguin Akebi who has been breaking the hearts of female penguins left, right, and center. Both aquariums have a special website displaying the chart. Click here for Kyoto Aquarium’s site and here for Sumida Aquarium’s site.

[Via Nijimen]